Guus Lieben Software Engineer / (ˈsɒftweər ˌɛnʤɪˈnɪə) / noun
1. A problem-solving professional adept at resolving issues you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand, all while hoping it won’t be discovered.
2. An individual who can make your computer do backflips but can’t figure out how to use a can opener.
Project highlight Hartshorn / (hɑːts hɔːn) / noun
1. A cutting-edge Java framework built on the JVM platform that offers comprehensive support for modular, scalable, and testable application development using Java and other JVM-based languages.
2. A collection of tools to simplify the creation and administration of intricate JVM applications.
Want to grab a cup of coffee, or interested in my work? You can reach me on LinkedIn. Most of my work is open source and accessible to everyone on GitHub.